In order to organize, conduct and control the measures to the classified information protection, classification and administration is established the Classified Information Security Directorate (CISD), in the Council of Ministers. Its Director is nominated by the Prime Minister.
CISD Tasks:
1. Compiles policies, programmes and procedures for the classified information security and controls their execution by the institutions. Recommends to the institutions officials the taking of the quick and appropriate measures to correct the noticed breaches.
2. Supervises the regulations of physical, military and electronic security to the classified information and ADP system and network where the information is stored, administrated and processed.
3. Compiles procedures for classification, marking, training and education principles and compiles regulations for the classification and declassification. Makes the review of every institution program, requires reports from these institutions and cooperates to  accomplish the responsibilities.
4. Certifies the personnel who will administrate the classified information.
5. Informs, at least one time in six months, the Prime Minister for the above issues.
6. Proposes to the Council of Ministers normative acts for questions relevant to the classified information handling.
7. Examines the institutions requests for classification authority, which don`t have it, and if it is available, proposes to the Prime Minister for approval.

The CISD organization and structure is regulated by normative acts.